Carved Borders

Andaluciart ® Lattice & Carving and offer a variety of Decorative carved borders, you can ask ANY SIZE YOU NEED and the different materials that produce (wood, mdf, PVC, acrylic, aluminum, steel, brass, marble , granite, vinyl)

Carved borders - ref: CFN1
Carved borders - ref: CFN2
Carved borders - ref: CFN3
Carved borders - ref: CFN4
Carved borders - ref: CFN5
Carved borders - ref: CFN6
Carved borders - ref: CFN7
Carved borders - ref: CFN8
Carved borders - ref: CFN9
Carved borders - ref: CFN10
Carved borders - ref: CFN11
Carved borders - ref: CFN12
Carved borders - ref: CFN13
Carved borders - ref: CFN14
Carved borders - ref: CFN15
Carved borders - ref: CFN16
Carved borders - ref: CFN17
Carved borders - ref: CFN18
Carved borders - ref: CFN19
Carved borders - ref: CFN20
carvings borders. Ref. CFN5. Andalusian style

* We manufacture blinds to any extent requested budgets.

Border Models

A border is a long and narrow decorative element that is placed on a wall around its perimeter or under other decorative elements.

The valance is a decorative element that stands in contrast to the design of the rest of the area where border coloca.La can serve several purposes:
a socket delimits different color or material as the rest of the wall.
Tops or surrounds other decorative elements such as mirrors wardrobes or furniture work.
• Serves as upper or lower limit to decorative wall panels.

As most suitable location, placing it is recommended to one third of the height of the wall.

We distinguish the following types:
Vinyl Borders. Given its resistance to moisture.
Borders carved. With patterns in relief.


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celosias decorativas metalicas y separadores de ambientes Celosia | Lattice |Treilli-M6
celosia circular fabricada en madera pintada Celosia |Lattice |Treilli R7
separadores de ambientes con celosias de dm Decoración para la Serie Reina "Isabel" Televisión Española, Celosias Góticas Modelo 48
celosias separadores de ambientes modernos Celosia 3D - modelo 3 ONDULA

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tallado arabesco fabricado en material pvc Talla andalusi policromada
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piezas talladas en madera para artesonados Talla Madera - Modelo Andalusí
Pieza tallada policromada Pieza tallada policromada
Pieza tallada artesonado Pieza tallada techo artesonado


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