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Andaluciart ® Lattice & Carving  and offer a variety of lattice models, you can ask ANY SIZE YOU NEED and the different materials that produce (wood, mdf, PVC, acrylic, aluminum, steel, brass, marble , granite, vinyl)

* We manufacture latticework to any extentrequested budgets.

All lattice models can be chosen to be cut without the material depth.
We carry out the carvings of different types, as in the pictures you can see.

1. Simple carving.
2. Enhanced carved.
3. 3D carving.
4. Carving Rounded.
Simple Carving

1. Simple carving

Enhanced Carving

2. Enhanced carved

3D Carving

3. 3D Carving

Carving Rounded

4. Carving Rounded

A class is a work especially in wood.
The wood is carved through a process of grinding and polishing, in order to give it a shape, an object can be concrete or abstract. The final product can range from individual sculptures to hand-crafted molds that are part of a tracery.

From the earliest times the decoration of wood has been a prominent art. The tendency of mankind has always been to ornament every article of ordinary use. From its early days, drawings or designs cut on each item of wood that is susceptible class.

Its applications are varied, but its main feature is the decoration and ornament. It is used both to the architectural embellishment of everyday objects.

Like any craft, has an artistic component, in which the woodcarver-craftsman turns his creative talents to make a few simple tables a work of art, and other components, technical and mechanical, to be taken into account so that the raw material respond to the efforts of the artist and achieve the desired result.

Paneling comes from the word "caisson" or wood beams located on roofs whose holes were covered with ornaments. Usually this name refers to the entire roof with wooden decor, which solves the structural problems in buildings, and especially the performance of floor slabs and trusses. They are mainly Muslim and Moorish architecture.


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celosias decorativas metalicas y separadores de ambientes Celosia | Lattice |Treilli-M6
celosia circular fabricada en madera pintada Celosia |Lattice |Treilli R7
separadores de ambientes con celosias de dm Decoración para la Serie Reina "Isabel" Televisión Española, Celosias Góticas Modelo 48
celosias separadores de ambientes modernos Celosia 3D - modelo 3 ONDULA

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celosias decorativas para separacion de ambientes Celosía | Lattice | Treilli R13
celosias de madera para decoracion moderna Celosía | Lattice | Treillis M1
celosias decorativas modernas para separar espacios Modelo | Lattice | Treilli | M25
paneles decorativos de celosias modernas Modelo | Lattice | Treillis M25
tallado de pieza arabesca para exterior Tallado - Carving - Sculpté
paneles separadores de ambientes fabricados con celosias Modelo | Lattice | Treillis M57
celosias de pvc para decoracion exterior Celosia-Lattice-Treillis | M25
biombo separador de ambiente fabricado con celosia Celosia modelo natura 69
Celosías 3D - Modelo ANGUIS
cenefas talladas en material pvc para exterior cenefas |frise murale|borders
piezas talladas en madera de pino Piezas talladas artesonados
Celosia decorativa fabricada en madera de pino Modelo andalusi en Madera
Letras talladas en madera Talla madera sapeli. Letra - P
celosias de pvc para separa ambiente en jardin Celosias Modelo natura M71 - Treillis
separacion de ambiente con celosia de pvc exterior Celosias Modelo M71 - Panneau Treillis
Celosía 3D - modelo CUBE
paneles decorativos para separar espacios con celosias Celosias Modelo M59 - Treilli M59
revestimiento de fachadas con celosias de pvc Celosias Modelo M61 |Panneau Treillis
pieza tallada en madera estilo arabesco Talla Madera - Modelo Andalusí
pieza tallada artesonado Talla Madera artesonado
tallado arabesco fabricado en material pvc Talla andalusi policromada
cenefas talladas en material madera de pino cenefas talladas ref: CFN7
separador de ambiente fabricado con celosia de madera Celosias Modelo natura M69 - Treillis
celosia de jardin fabricada en pvc para exterior Celosias Modelo M44 | Treillis | Lattice
biombo separador de ambiente fabricado con celosias Celosias Modelo M48 | Treillis | Lattice
separadores de ambientes en restaurante con celosias celosias Modelo M4|Casino Marbella | Treillis
piezas talladas en madera para artesonados Talla Madera - Modelo Andalusí
Pieza tallada policromada Pieza tallada policromada
Pieza tallada artesonado Pieza tallada techo artesonado


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